Information  on agricultural labour wages is essential in order to know the actual position of operation of Minimum Wages Act.Therefore data on agricultural labour wages are being collected from the selected centres regularly on monthly basis at the instances of Govt of India , Ministry of Agriculture , since 1950.


For collection of data on agricultural labour wages, 78 centres have been selected & spread over  all subdivisions of the State.The  labourers associated with nagriculture are broadly classified into skilled & un skilled labour. Carpenter, Blacksmith, Cobbler, Mason, Tube well Operator & Tractor driver are grouped as skilled labour & Agricultural field workers, Other agricultural field labourers & Herdsman are unskilled labour.Wage rate of these categories are taken into account for 8 working hours per day.


The agriculture year covers from July to June & information on agricultural labour wages are collected for each month.The daily wage rates that prevail during the period of collection of data are treated as wage rate for the month .


The average daily wages for a month for different categories of agricultural labour of a district is taken as the simple arithmetic mean of daily wage for the month of different centres of the district. Likewise the annual average daily wages for a district is taken as the simple average of monthly wages for 12 months of the district. In the same manner, monthly & annual average wage  at the state level are calculated.