Census of Employees





The main objective of the Census is to make a stock taking of various categories of available manpower  in the state public  sector as on 31 03 2001 in view of  the growing  importance  of the technical personnel  for the development  of the state , Attempts have been made  to enumerate different categories  of   General & technical manpower working under the  State Government.


Complete counting  of the  employees working  in the state  sector (State Government ,state Quasi Government Establishment  & Urban Local Bodies) by class  and  sex with special reference to women employment ,age group and total  emolument group with  salary structure  ,scheduled caste & scheduled tribe ,Sanctioned strength of the post , nature of job ,Rehabilitation position, physical  handicapped persons, employees sector   position of vacancy  to the state against employees sector    and expected  replacement  due to retirement of  different  categories.  


Scope and Coverage


The scheme covered all Census of employee’s i.e, regular, Non  regular  Contractual  employees of  state Govt. establishment,  Urban Local bodies and Public sector undertaking  which are  wholly or partly  financed by  the state Government , as on 31.03.2001. The census however, does not incudes’ employees placed under Suspension, deputation to other Government Department & casual Labour employed   on daily wages basis.




The required  information  are to be collected from  the Head offices(Drawing & Disbursing  Officer) of the state Government establishment,  urban Local Bodies  and Public sector  under takings in the prescribed proforma  by the Director of Economics & Statistics Odisha. The requisite forms will be supplied to them and respective department of Government /Heads of the Department, U.L.B. & P.S.Us will fill in the required forms and submit those to the D.E.S with in a stipulated time. With a view  to  obtain the result  of the Census  within a reasonable  time frame  the necessary report  of the Census  shall be made available  to all Department of Government  within a prescribed time period. Whole hearted Co-operation   is necessary from all quarters so as to stick to   time scheduled for submission of the information. In  first phase i) design of the hard copy in respect   which from the data  is received  ii) Supply of the blank schedules iii) Contact with concerned DDOs of the subordinate offices, offices of HOD, the Government in respective   Department.  Then steps will be taken for compilation, tabulation, analysis and finalisation of the report.


Major output of the scheme


On formation total no’s of Govt. offices of the state, U.L.B. & P.S.U.s and furnished required information regarding regular employees and non –regular employees working in the reporting offices. Vacancy position, Sex ratio, pay range, Sanctioned strength in each category ,scheduled caste & scheduled tribe , nature of job ,Rehabilitation position, physical  handicapped persons,   position of vacancy  to the state against employees sector and expected  replacement  due to retirement of  different  categories.  


Reports :


Report on 7th Census of Employees as on 31.03.2001 has been published.

Compilation work of 8th Census of Employees as on 31.03.2010 is under progress.