Official Statistics, Commercial Intelligence and other Products (CIOP)



Official Statistics


The main objectives of Official Statistics section is collection, scrutinisation, compilation and editing of data for incorporating the same in different Statistical Publications published through publication section of Directorate of Economics and Statistics. (i) Collection of data on Education, Health, Revenue, Police Admn., Transport & Communication, Crime, Banking, Insurance, Fire, Roads & Postal from different sources and same will furnish to publication section after necessary compilation.


(ii)         Land Revenue, O.S.T/ C.S.T., Entertainment Tax, Excise, Street Accident, Death due to snakebite, Small savings, Natural calamities, Registered Legal Practitioner and Regd. Statistics & collection from all DPMU (P & S) and furnish to same to publication Section after necessary compilation.


Commercial Intelligence and other product


    This section collect the data on different sectors as required by the publication section. The following information are being collected and scrutinized in this section and supply the same to publication section.

1.        Metrological data of Odisha.

2.        Rainfall & Temperature of Odisha.

3.        Electricity data.

4.        Fishery data.

5.        Mining data.

6.        Animal husbandry and veterinary.

7.        Export & Import.   District Statistical Hand Book -2011 of 7 districts out of 30 districts brought out shortly.