Technical Coordination


        Technical Coordination Division of DE&S coordinates statistical activities of different division as follows.


  •     To organize various meetings of different divisions including review meetings, HLSC meetings, HLCC meetings, SLCC meetings etc at Govt level. 

  •      To conduct internal technical committee meetings of DE&S at regular intervals.

  •      To organize annual DPMU conference.

  •      To make liaison with State Govt, CSO and Other State DE&S.

  •    To prepare technical papers / power points for COCSSO ( Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations).

  •      To prepare compliance reports / ATRs  for the proceedings of various meetings

  •      To organize and celebrate Statistics Day every year.

  •      To sponsor names of officers and officials of DE&S/DPMUs for the training programmes within and out-side states.

  •     To collect and prepare monthly progress reports of statistical activities of DE&S to be sent to Government.

  •       To prepare job chart of statistical personnel.

  •       To allot DPMUs among the officers of DE&S for supervision and monitoring of statistical activities.

  •       To review progress of DPMUs and released its rankings every year.

  •      To make scrutiny of  tour diaries and particulars of Statistical officers of Range and DPMUs for approval of DE&S.

  •       To organize seminars, workshops and presentations etc

  •       To coordinate meetings of officials of Govt of India

  •       To organize training programmes of ISS probationers.

  •       To prepare and release technical journal-“Samikshya” every year