(Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics)


        The Centrally sponsored scheme “Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics”(EARAS) is in operation in the state through Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Orissa since 1976-77. With a view to cover all revenue villages of the state within a period of five years, 20% villages are covered in each agricultural year with effect from 1981-82 on non-overlapping basis. Under the scheme Land Utilisation Survey (LUS) and Yield Estimation Survey (YES) are carried out in each crop season of an agricultural year.




i.                Formulation of estimates of area, yield rate and production of paddy at block, district and state level and of 12 important minor crops viz: wheat, Maize, Ragi, Mung (Green-gram), Biri (Black-gram), Kulthi (Horse-gram), Til, Groundnut, Mustard, Jute, Potato and Sugarcane at District and State level in three crop seasons for the purpose of General Crop Estimation Survey (GCES)


ii.              Formulation of Estimation of area according to various types of land uses at Block, District and State level


iii.             Formulation of advance estimates of area, yield rate and production in respect of programmed crops prior to release of final estimates.




 i.            Formulation of estimates of cropped area irrigated (both crop wise & source wise)


ii.           Formulation of estimates of area & yield rate of Paddy, Wheat& Maize separately for high yielding & Local varieties.


iii.          Formulation of estimates of yield rate of different crops separately for irrigated & un-irrigated conditions (for paddy at district & 12 important minor crops at state level.)

iv.          Formulation of yield estimates of different crops separately from different types of soil (for paddy at district & 12 important minor crops at state level)


v.           Formulation of yield estimates of different crops separately for with & without application of fertilizer and with & without application of manure (for paddy at district & 12 important minor crops at state level)


vi.          FOR RKBY PURPOSE:- Formulation of estimate of G.P./ULB wise yield rate under Paddy from Rabi-2011 & block wise yield rate of insured notified minor crops in notified blocks from Kharif-2013.




            All revenue villages of each CD. block constitute the sampling frame at the Stratum level i.e. CD Block. The areas covered under irrigation projects, submerged under sea/ river/ lakes, transferred to developmental projects, transferred to Forest Department are excluded from/the scope of the survey.


 For area enumeration


Cereals                 Paddy (HYV & Local), Wheat (HYV & Local), Maize (HYV & Local), Ragi, Other Cereals


Pulses                   Mung, Biri, Kulthi, Other Pulses


Oilseeds               Til, Groundnut, Mustard, Nizer (w.e.f.-2002-03), Other Oilseeds


Other Crops         Jute, Potato, Sugarcane, Others

For conducting crop cutting experiments


        For the purpose of formulation of yield estimates, Paddy and 12 minor crops i.e. Wheat, Maize, Ragi, Mung (Greengram), Biri (Blackgram), Kulthi (Horse gram), Til, Groundnut, Mustard, Jute, Potato and Sugarcane were covered as programmed crops. Niger crop has also been included w.e.f. 2002-03.



   For the purpose of sample surveys under this scheme, an agriculture year has been divided into three crop seasons i.e. Autumn, Winter & Summer, keeping in view the harvesting period of different crops. Autumn season extends from July to October, Winter season from November to February & Summer season from March to June.




             The multi stage sampling procedure is adopted for selection of sample villages to be covered in an agricultural year. Each C.D. block of the state is taken as a stratum and from each stratum a sample of 20% villages is drawn by the method of Simple Random Sampling without Replacement.




         The field operation is conducted during three crop seasons i.e. Autumn (July to October), Winter (November to February) and Summer(March to June). The field operation under is broadly divided into two parts.

        i. Land Utilization Survey

        ii. Yield Estimation Survey

Land Utilization Survey


        Land utilization / Area enumeration is done by visiting each survey no./ plot of each sample village with the help of maps & R.O.Rs during each crop season (Autumn, Winter and Summer) of an agricultural year in order to collect primary data on area under different crops and other types of land uses pertaining to the same agricultural year. In case of un-surveyed villages for which maps and R.O.Rs are not available, area enumerations is conducted on the basis of household enquiry methods along with their particulars on land possessed / land cultivated.


Yield Estimation Survey


        Under Yield Estimation Survey, crop cutting experiments on paddy and 13 minor crops i.e. wheat, maize, ragi, mung, biri, kulthi, til, groundnut, mustard, nizer, jute, potato and sugarcane are conducted.


        Estimation of area under different classification of land uses at the block, district level have been reflected in Technical Report.


        The Technical Report from 1981-82 to 2011 -12 have been formulated and published for official use. The Technical Report 2014-15 & 2015-16 have been prepared.


Estimated Land Use, Area, Yield rate and Production for 2016-17

Estimated Land Use, Area, Yield rate and Production for 2017-18