Economic Survey



The Odisha “Economic Survey Report” highlights the performance and structural changes in the economy. It provides a comprehensive assessment of all sectors of the economy with challenges faced and responses of the Government in terms of new policy initiatives and investment on implementation of Programmes. Analysis of fiscal dimension and effective measures taken by the state Government to ensure Macroeconomic stabilization in the state are also reflected. This report is serving as an instrument in the direction of formulating policies and chalking out development planning.


            This report was published before 1970’s with the title as ‘Economic Review’. Later years the title of the report renamed as Economic Survey. The Economic Survey Report is an Annual publication of Directorate of Economics and Statistics under the guidance of Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. of Odisha. This Report is reflecting the development of all sectors of the economy and placed in the floor of Odisha Legislative Assembly in the Budget session every year. The report contains 10 chapters i.e. .i) Overview, ii) Odisha’s Economy iii) The Agriculture sector (Livestock, Fishery, Forest & Environment), iv) Industry Sector, v) Service Sector, vi) Infrastructure, vii) Poverty & Human Development, viii) Social sector, ix) Public Finance, x) Looking Ahead. The information required for the report was collected from different Govt./Pvt./ Public sector under takings, up to 2017-18, the report has been published and also placed on the floor of assembly during the budget session. Now preparation of draft report for the year 2018-19 is continuing, to make the report more analytical and policy focus, attempt has been made this year (2018-19) by the Planning and Convergence Department, under the assistance of PWC/DFID to change the structure of the report. In this regard, three (3) formats has been developed i.e. 1) Indicator Format, 2) Programmes/Scheme Format, 3) Other formats.


        The OCAC has been entrusted to develop web portal containing above 3 formats for collection of information from different Govt. Departments which is underway. The data collection work is over and drafting of Reports is going on.

Odisha Economic Survey Report-2018