Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is the index which measures growth of industrial sector of an economy and represents the status of production in the industrial sector for a given period of time a compared to a reference period of time (called base year). As per the instruction s from CSO (IS wing), steps have been taken during the year 2017-18 to compile IIP with new base 2011-12.





a.    It is used extensively by Government Departments, Industrial Associations. Research Institutes, Academicians etc for research and policy making


b.    To facilitate comparative studies on performance of various States / UTs in the industrial sector.



Data Source 


Manufacturing Sector     :    260 factories comprising 23 districts

Mining Sector                    :    Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur

Electricity                            :    Central Electricity Authority




a)    The compilation of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) with new base year (2011-12) covers 260 industrial units against 77 items of production.


Periodicity of compilation of State IIP


        The State level IIP is compiled on quarterly bais.


Latest Status 


    The State IIP for quarter ending March 2018has been complied and sent to CSO (ESD). The compilation of IIP for the quarter ending June, September and December 2018 are under progress.