Minor Irrigation Census


            The Centrally Sponsored Plan Scheme “Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics (RMIS)” was launched in the State during 1987 with 100% Central assistance. It helps creation of a Statistical Cell in the Directorate of Economics and Statistics. The aim of RMIS scheme is to build a comprehensive and reliable database in the Minor Irrigation Sector for future planning. The major activity under the scheme is the All India Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes conducted quinquennially in the state covering all ground water and surface water Minor Irrigation schemes.


The data collected in the Census is utilized for formulation of the proposals for the Five Year Plans. The census data is also utilized for estimation of Ground Water Resources by the Central Ground Water Board. In addition to this, Central Water Commission and various Wings of Ministry of water Resources, etc. use the Census data extensively.


In the mean time four censuses of Minor Irrigation Schemes have been successfully completed in the state at the instance of Govt. of Indi as follows;

Census of M.I Projects

Reference year


1st Census



2nd  Census



3rd Census



4th Census



 The 5th Minor Irrigation Census with reference year 2013-14 is being conducted throughout the State at present. The census   covers all 50160 revenue villages of the State as per EARAS (Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics) Frame.

 5th Minor Irrigation Census at a Glance

Minor Irrigation Schemes

  • A Scheme having Cultivable Command Area (CCA) up to 2000 hectares individually is classified as Minor Irrigation Scheme

Types of Minor Irrigation Scheme

Ground Water Scheme

Surface Water Scheme

Schedules of Enquiry

Three types of schedules are being used for collection of data in the field for about 6.45 lakh Minor Irrigation schemes of the State by enquiry method during 5th M.I. Census.

i.          Village Schedule

ii.         Ground Water Schedule

ii.         Surface Water Schedule.

i) Village Schedule


Contains items for collection of information about total agricultural, irrigated area and the number of Minor Irrigation schemes, water bodies in the village as a whole and shall be filled up by the village Patwari / officer possessing the village revenue records on the basis of records.


ii) Schedule-1: Ground Water Schedule

         One such schedule will be filled for each scheme existing in the village for irrigation purpose, either in use or not in use from 2007-08 or later. The Ground Water Schedule contains data on

(1)       Dug well,

(2)       Shallow Tube well

(3)       Medium Tube Well (Added in the Current Census)

(4)       Deep Tube well.

Information on 39 items pertaining to a particular M.I. Scheme are being collected

i) Schedule-2: Surface Water Schedule 

         Information relating to 40 different items of each surface water scheme,( i.e. either   Surface flow or surface lift irrigation scheme)are being collected

Major items covered under Scheme schedules

 Ø Location

Ø Type of Scheme

Ø Ownership

Ø Year of commissioning

Ø Cost of construction

Ø Use of Lifting Device

Ø Water Distribution System

Ø Source of Finance

Ø Current Status of use

Ø Source of Energy

Ø Cultivable Command Area (CCA)

Ø Irrigation Potential Created (IPC)

Ø Irrigation Potential Utilised (IPU)


 Highlights of Minor Irrigtion Census (4th)