National Sample Survey (NSS)



            NSS Division has responsibility to conduct, Field Survey, Scrutiny & Data entry, Report writing & result analysis. Its basic aim is to collect grass root data on different Socio-Economic topic. Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Odisha is collecting data on equal matching sample basis since 1958.




            The main objective of the survey is to provide vital Socio-Economic data to Govt. for formulation of different plan & policy.


Scope and Coverage


            For each round is decided by the Governing Council of NSSO as per the recommendation of steering committee. Survey is      conducted each & every year which is called a round .Generally a round is one year duration, sometime it is six months .A quinquinnal round has been surveyed in a gap of 5 years. Quinquinnal round has been started since 27th round. Topics of the coverage of Quinquinnal round is Normally, Household consumer expenditure and Employment & unemployment. Currently field survey of 73rd round (July 2015-June 2016) is in progress. Subject coverage of present round is unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises.




            Planning commission of Government of India has been derived poverty line from the result of each Quinquinnal round.


Current Round


           At present 74th Round NSS is going on.It is a list list frame based enterprise focused survey on service sector*. The details can be viewed on the following link

74th Round NSS





The following Reports have  been published.

1. Report on Participation and Expenditure in Education of Odisha - 64th Round

2. Report on Migration in Odisha - 64th Round

3. Report on Consumption Pattern of Odisha - Pooled Report - 66th Round

4. Report on Employment and Un-employment Situation in Odisha- 66th Round

5. Report on Un-incorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises of Odisha - 67th Round

6. Report on Drinking Water, Sanitation, hygiene & housing condition - 69th  Round