National Sample Survey (NSS)



            NSS Division has responsibility to conduct, Field Survey, Scrutiny & Data entry, Report writing & result analysis. Its basic aim is to collect grass root data on different Socio-Economic topic. Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Odisha is collecting data on equal matching sample basis since 1958.




            The main objective of the survey is to provide vital Socio-Economic data to Govt. for formulation of different plan & policy.


Scope and Coverage


            For each round is decided by the Governing Council of NSSO as per the recommendation of steering committee. Survey is      conducted each & every year which is called a round .Generally a round is one year duration, sometime it is six months .A quinquinnal round has been surveyed in a gap of 5 years. Quinquinnal round has been started since 27th round. Topics of the coverage of Quinquinnal round is Normally, Household consumer expenditure and Employment & unemployment.




            Planning commission of Government of India has been derived poverty line from the result of each Quinquinnal round.


Current Round


           At present 77th Round NSS is going on.It is a list list frame based enterprise focused survey on service sector*. The details can be viewed on the following link

77th Round NSS





The following Reports have  been published.

1. Report on Participation and Expenditure in Education of Odisha - 64th Round

2. Report on Migration in Odisha - 64th Round

3. Report on Consumption Pattern of Odisha - Pooled Report - 66th Round

4. Report on Employment and Un-employment Situation in Odisha- 66th Round

5. Report on Un-incorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises of Odisha - 67th Round

6. Report on Drinking Water, Sanitation, hygiene & housing condition - 69th  Round