The Publication Division of Directorate of Economics and Statistics is one of the important Divisions of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Odisha which is responsible for the production of output of the organization? This Division counts as the mouthpiece of DE&S organization since the year 1958. It consists of the following section.


1.   Publication Section

2.   Official Statistics Section


Publication Section


            This Section deals with collection, scrutiny, compilation of data for different statistical publications which are brought out on regular basis. It keep close contact with Odisha Government press , Cuttack for early and timely printing of various statistical publications of this Directorate. This section also deals with distribution of various Statistical Publications of this Directorate to different approved Government and non- Government Organisations and sale to general public.


The following Statistical Publications are published by this Directorate by the end of February, 2014


1.   District at a Glance-2014

2.   Statistical Abstract of Odisha - 2012 (Odisha Govt. Press)

3.   Gender Disparity Odisha-2010

4.   Sate’s Economy in Figures - 2009

5.   Climatological Data of Odisha-2002-09

6.   District Statistical Hand Book -2011 of 30 district


It is targeted to prepare the following Statistical publications during the year 2014-2015.


1.       District at a Glance - 2015

2.       State’s Economy in Figures-2012

              3.        District Statistical Hand Book -2011 of 7 districts out of 30 districts brought shortly

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