Urban Locl Body      



Guide Line

        In pursuance of the recommendations of the Central Technical Advisory on Statistics, Urban Local Body Section, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Odisha is collecting data with regard to Socio-Economic features of Municipality/Notified Area Council since 1967. Main purpose of this effort is to fill up the data gap with regard to local bodies' statistics.

Work of ULB Section

        There are 4 Municipal Corporations, 40 Municipalities & 67 Notified Area Councils making a total of 111 ULBs. In the venture of collection of data, the Executive officers of Municipality / Notified Area Council and the District Statistical Officers are closely associated. Besides, data relating to Education, Health, Pipe Water, Sanitation, Tax demand and Income & Expenditure etc, the concerned Deptt./Heads of Dept./Executive Heads are also being contacted. Urban Local Body Section deals with the Collection, Compilation, Computerization of ULB data & Publication Municipal Statistical Year Book.



Indicators covered under data collection

01.       Geographical Characteristics of Municipalities/NACs (Annexure-1)


02.       Population, Male, Female, Decadal Growth, Sex Ratio, Odisha Literacy rate of Municipalities

             N.A.Cs. Of Odisha (Annexure - 2)

03.       Number of Medical Institutions Medical personnel and patients etc. in the ULB Area.

            (Annexure - 3)

04.       Number of live births, deaths and infant deaths in the ULB Area. (Annexure-4)


05.       Number of deaths by causes in the ULB Area. (Annexure - 5)


06.       Water Supply and Sanitation in the ULB Area. (Annexure - 6)


07.       Income of different Municipalities and NACs in the State of Odisha (Annexure No. 7)


08.       Expenditure of different Municipalities and NACs by Heads in the State of Odisha.

            (Annexure No.8)

09.       General Information of Municipalities / NACs in the State of Odisha. (Annexure- 9)


10        Educational Institutions, Teachers and Students in the ULB Area (Annexure No. 10


11.       No. of houses and holding Tax demanded in the Municipalities/NACs (Annexure No. 11


12.       Length of Roads in ULB Area (Annexure No.12)


13.       Number of Vehicles Licensed, Maintained and Plying by the Local Body Area (Annexure No. 13


14.       Number of Post Offices, Telegraph Offices, P.C.Os, Telephones and Exchanges in the Local Body

            Area (Annexure No. 14)

15.       Slum status in the Urban Local Body Area, (Annexure No. 15)


16.       Solid Waste Management, (Annexure No. 16)


17.       Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yozana (SJSRY), (Annexure No.17)


18.       No of Cinema Halls & Talkies in the ULB Area. (Annexure No.18)


19.       Statement Showing Electricity Facility by type of lamp posts., (Annexure No.19)


Issue Year Status Pending
9th 2002-03,2003-04 & 2004-05 Publicshed  
10th 2005-06,2006-07 &2007-08 Under Progress 13 ULBs
11th 2008-09,2009-10 & 2010-11 Under Progress 18 ULBs
12th 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14 Under Progress 72 ULBs