Economic Census



Keeping in view the phenomenal contribution of the unorganized sector in a developing economy like ours vis-à-vis its data gap, the Central Statistical Organization(CSO) , Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India is pursuing its continuous  effort to establish a reliable and updated system of information for the un organized sector of the economy . The holistic approach was made in this sector to launch a scheme under the banner of Economic Census and surveys in all the States/UTs during 1976 to enter into the unorganized sectors. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics in all states/Union Territories played a key role in materializing this ambitious project.


The 1st Economic Census was conducted through out the state during 1977 at the instance of Central Statistical Organization in collaboration with the State Directorate of Economic and Statistics. The 2nd Economic Census 1980 was synchronized along with the house listing operation of 1981 population census.


The third Economic Census 1990 was conducted along with the house listing operation of 1991 population census. The fourth Economic Census was conducted independently during 1998 keeping in view the increasing demand for data on un organized sectors of the economy and considering the nature of large number of small units which are subjected to high mobility and mortality rate.


The fifth economic census in the series was an independent census conducted during 2005 covering all enterprises either agriculture (except Crop Production and Plantation) or non agricultural sectors of the economy.


Sixth Economic Census


The Sixth economic census in the series was also an independent census conducted during 2013 covering all establishments of the State covering both  agricultural (except Crop Production and Plantation) and non agricultural establishments (excluding establishments related to public administration of the economy.




The aim of this Census is to collect information of all entrepreneurial units in organised and un-organised  sector of economy located in the geographical boundaries of the State both in Agricultural (except crop production and tree plantation)  and  Non-agricultural establishments (Excluding establishments related to Public Administration, Defense & Compulsory social security activities ) carrying any economic activities not for sole purpose of own consumption.


Scope and Coverage


The Sixth Economic Census has been conducted under Collection of Statistics Act 2008 in the whole of Indian Union except some areas that may remain inaccessible throughout the year and/or where State/UT Government find it impossible to collect the information.


Major Output


Enumeration work has been completed in all the districts. Information collected through Schedules 6A, 6B and 6C has been submitted to Government of India


Facts and Figures


Door to door Survey work, data collection in schedule 6A, 6B and 6C of each districts of Odisha have already been submitted to Government of India. Data capturing work at Government of India level has already been completed. The MOS&PI, Government of India has published the National Result on Sixth Economic Census. As per the National results, followings have been identified for Odisha.


i.        Total no. of Establishments                            20,88,905

          Rural                                                                16,05,743

          Urban                                                               04,83,162

ii.       Total no. of Workers                                        43,18,047

          Male Workers                                                   30,22,158

          Female Workers                                                12,95,889

iii.     Establishment having 8 or more workers               40,746

iv.    No of handicraft/ handloom establishments        1,46,138  




" State Report on 6th Economic Census  of Odisha -2013 " has been released.